Our Three Core Areas

“To stay healthy and feeling young”
The Nitta Gelatin group’s corporate vision is to fulfill this desire of people worldwide
through our relentless pursuit of meeting collagen's enormous potential.
We provide products and services that meet our customers’ expectations of continued improvement
in the three core areas of food solutions, health support and biomedical.

Food Solution

To realize "more delicious and easy" food solutions, we will provide solutions that solve customers' issues through applications development utilizing gelatin etc., and through our product development and formulation technologies.

Health Support

We will respond to people’s needs to maintain their youth and beauty by research into the functional characteristics of collagen peptides and product development capabilities over many years to fulfill the desire for health of people around the world who wish to stay healthy and feeling young.


In a society in which innovative medical technology is being steadily realized, we will contribute to the manufacture of regenerative medicine and medical equipment through the expansion of safe collagen and gelatin in the medical field for use in vivo.


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