The Basic Social Media Policy (the “Policy”) below has been established for each social media official account (the “Accounts”) operated by Nitta Gelatin Inc. (“Nitta Gelatin”).

1.  Basic Policy

Employees of Nitta Gelatin will comply with the related laws and regulations and code of conduct of Nitta Gelatin when using social media  and strive to disseminate information in a proper manner.

2.  Basic Stance on Social Media Use
(1)  Show respect to the party you are communicating with at all times and be willing to listen carefully.
(2) Clarify the purpose of communication and provide valuable information.
(3) Use easy-to-understand language.
(4) Understand the characteristics of digital tools, such as instant transmission and inability to cancel.
(5) Pay due care to privacy.
(6) Pay due care to protection of copyright.