Collagen Business

We manufacture and sell related products made from collagen contained in animal bone and skin, fish scale and skin. In addition, we manufacture and sell highly value-added products that match customer's needs by formulation technology of various materials.

Gelatin Business

In the Gelatin Business, we manufacture and sell high-quality gelatin that meets diversifying needs and applications in a variety of industry fields such as the food and pharmaceutical markets.

Peptide Business

In the Peptide Business, we manufacture and sell collagen peptide that is recognized as bioactive compound and a material that has bioregulatory functions, produced using our unique proteolytic technology.

Biomedical Business

In the Biomedical Business, we manufacture collagen and medical gelatin used as a biomaterial for artificial skin and bone. We sell to medical device manufacturers, research institutions and others.

Food Material Business

In the Food Material Business, we manufacture and sell food formulations such as edible gelling agents and quality stabilizers that are used in confectionery, desserts, delicatessen items, chilled foods, etc.