I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to our customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, and others for their support. 

Nitta Gelatin has worked to make high quality gelatin and collagen, sourcing safe and secure raw materials and improving its technological capabilities since its foundation in 1918 . As a result, we have grown while changing our mainstay applications in step with the times, from adhesives used in furniture and instruments to applications in photographic film, pharmaceutical capsules, food, health and beauty, and recently regenerative medicine. 

With our new Three-Year Medium-Term Management Plan started in April 2018, we are working to strengthen and expand our business foundation even further guided by the following three management policies. 


  1. Our three core areas will be food solutions, health support, and biomedical.
  2. We will change our production system in Japan, Asia, and North America in response to an era of completely free trade.
  3. We will promote selection and concentration and create high-value added products and services to recreate the company as a high-profit enterprise.


We will keep moving forward with a never-give-up attitude based on our policy of using our “utmost competence and efforts.”

To meet everyone’s expectations and hopes for continued improvement, we will continue to pursue the possibilities of collagen as a material. 

Our mission is to help people fulfill their desire to “to stay healthy and feeling young.”

I hope you will continue to offer your encouragement and support to the Company going forward. 


Koichi Ogata
Representative Director and President
Nitta Gelatin Inc.