We hope that our collagen and gelatin products will contribute to future medical care.Currently, we are collaborating with academic researchers to develop new medical technologies as well as with various medical companies to convert our vision into useable products in the market. Please feel free to contact us.

Integrated manufacturing system

Here at Nitta Gelatin, we consistently put our efforts in starting from raw material procurement to manufacturing, quality control, and shipment in-house. In addition to this, our specialist technical staff are always ready to respond promptly to inquiries from our customers

Cleanroom “beWorks”


Our biological cleanroom “beWorks” is a state of the art facility designed following the GMP guidelines. Here, beMatrix gelatin is produced under a strictly controlled quality management system (IPEC GMP).

Global activity


Nitta Gelatin is a Japanese company founded in 1918 with overseas bases globally. We are promoting overseas expansion for our biomaterial products as well. Our product beMatrix gelatin is already being used as a material in a medical device approved by the FDA

Life Science Biomaterial Forum

Since 2016, we have been organizing the “Life Science Biomaterial Forum” annually. We believe that participants can gather the latest news and build a new network through this forum.